We thought when we began Live The Good Life, our sustainable living program, getting listeners to show enough interest in environment issues to tackle global warming, would be quite a challenge. Particularly when there are any number of light entertainment radio programs designed to distract one from having to think about anything, let alone what the future holds for our young. We thought there might be a way of wiping away some of the causes of powerlessness evident in the community and replacing it with a positive, information fun filled solution-based program. 

Two years on, and we have a solid base of listeners and guests who keep us well informed and on our toes. They make it abundantly clear they like the format we present, in which we took the approach that if people were likely to let you into their house it would be necessary to adopt the philosophy that they had been invited into our house.

Having spent the best part of thirty years as professional actors and entertainers, whilst at the same time renovating and building energy efficient houses between engagements, we have acquired many skills and short cuts. Our Eco-tips section of the show provides easy, inexpensive DIY ways of making your home more energy efficient and your lives more self-sufficient based on our experience over time. 

During the two years we have been on air, we have interviewed some pretty amazing guests. They include:

  • Professor Mary Wood from the Law Faculty of the University of Oregon talking about the need for Governments to add value to the Commons in their role as custodians for the people.
  • Peter Andrews author of Back from the Brink and Beyond the Brink talking
    about his vision for drought proofing Australia
  • Professor Peter Singer, world-renowned ethicist, discussing food ethics and the eradication of poverty
  • Adrian Whitehead leader of Zero Emissions Now on his crusade to create better understanding of the mechanics of global warming
  • Kim Kindersley, UK producer/director of Whaledreamers fleshing out the background to his award winning film.
  • Angelo di Pietro talking about his invention of a miniature, rotary compressed air engine.

Regular guests include:

  • Kenneth Davidson, leading columnist with The Age newspaper
  • Vicka Bayley from the Wilderness Society relating his driving passion to prevent the removal old-growth forests in Tasmania
  • Professor Frank Fisher from Swinburne University of Technology discussing some of the pathways to sustainability
  • Bob McMahon, chief spokesperson for Tasmanian’s Against the Pulp Mill
  • Christine Ross discussing sustainable filming

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